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Bushmen Tarp Ultralight 2x3

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The essence of a tarp! Weight just 340g, 13 fixing points, 100% waterproof.
Unique tension system with advanced protective mechanisms protects your tarp.
All in 1l transportation sack.

The essence of a tarp.

We have left only what is really necessary for the tarp. It’s one of the lightest multifunction tarps on the market.
Weight: only 340g.

Thanks to the cleverly placed loops and a unique tensioning system, the tarp can be set up in many different ways. It secures comfort and shelter in any situation. Using the natural environment (trees, rocks, holes in the ground) or walking sticks, paddles, or bicycles, you can make a shelter that perfectly protects you in any weather.

You can find more setup ideas in our tarpology.

Everything is ULTRA here – we have paid attention to use even an ultra-light cord stopper.
It weighs less than 0,5g – we have checked – exactly 0,4831g!

What is important – when packed, the tarp just takes up space of 1l bottle!

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 2×3 / dark olive can be used as wind & rain shelter while hammocking, of course (e.g. with our ultralight hammock).
Thanks to this, it works well as an element of ultralight equipment for a walker, as well as a bicycle tourist, canoeist, fisherman, etc. Generally, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the equipment you definitely need.


The tarp is sewn using 100% waterproof ultralight 15D silnylon reinforced with a micro rip-stop.
The waterproof silicone layer provides water resistance up to 3500mm H2O.
There are 12 characteristic loops arranged around the tarp as well as 1 loop placed in the middle of the tarp. That’s the must-have of the tarp.

The middle sewing line and the middle loop are reinforced and secured with special black tape. The tape is hot-welded, therefore it permanently bonds with the silicone layer.
This technology ensures full waterproofness and maximum strength of the tarp.


Specially designed loops are much easier to use than classic ones.
The characteristic clearance between the loop tapes not only makes it easier to work in difficult conditions but also allows the tape to better fit around the lashings.
An inconspicuous change in the construction of the loop also allows for better/wider distribution forces acting on the tarp edges. For this reason, we could resign from sewn reinforcements on the sides without losing strength. The loops on the corners are the most exposed to overloading. Therefore we left traditional reinforcements, thanks to which our tarps are even stronger.

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 2×3 / dark olive – Tensioning system

What is important – the tarp set includes a unique tensioning system: 6 cords with tensioner hooks.
For this reason, the correct tarp tensioning is quite simple and can be done directly at the tarp loops. The tensioners are fastened to the loops currently in use simply by hooking them on the loop. The loops and the tensioners are matched to each other. Having hooked, the tensioner holds perfectly.
This solution allows the use of the tensioners where they are needed and are not an unnecessary tarp load.
To attach the pullers, simply select the cable on the tensioner to obtain the desired tarp tension.

The durability of our equipment arises not only from its solid construction but also from advanced protective mechanisms meticulously designed to mitigate potential damage. Tensioners and PRUSIK-PRO loops play a crucial role in absorbing stresses associated with tarp usage.

If forces or stresses surpass established safety thresholds, our safeguards come into play. In such circumstances, guy lines may release from hooks, constituting a thoughtful plan to shield the tarp from damage.

Reapplying the cord is a simple process. Just lift the flap located on the upper side of the hook, place the end of the cord in the gap between the flap and the main part of the hook, and then close the flap.

Use our tensioning solutions to ensure optimal effectiveness and safety during the use of our gear.

Regardless of the highest precision in craftsmanship and applied protections, products in the ultra-light category are inherently more delicate and require greater attention than other equipment.

Transportation bag

The bag, of the tarp, is equipped with handles and loops.
They are placed both along and on the bottom of the bag.
The handles allow you to comfortably attach the tarp sack to your backpack without fear of accidentally slipping during transport.
They make it easy to carry and remove from places such as a kayak’s beak or just between different luggage.
Also, by interweaving the hammock’s ridgeline with the loops, the bag can be used as a convenient pocket for things that you want to have at hand.
Having folded the sheet, it takes up very little space, it fits in a 1l bag.
The size of 24 x 8 x 8 cm allows it to be put in the outer pocket of the backpack.


Size  2x3m13 Attachment pointsWater Resistance 3500 mm H2OWeight – 340gPack size 24 x 8 x 8 cm

Set contains:

Ultralight Tarp6 tensioning cordsTrasportation bagGear mesh bag


0.34 kg


33 × 14 × 14 cm

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